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Drill Bits

  • Arc Angle PDC Bits Steel Body
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    Arc Angle PDC Bits Steel Body

    Suitable for underground coal mine gas extraction, water detection and drainage, grouting reinforcement etc.
  • Carbide-tipped Bits
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    Carbide-tipped Bits

    Suitable for special drilling operation in soft to medium soft formations (f =1~5). ● Features Carbide bits have a simple structure with low operation cost and high drilling efficiency. ● Sizes Ordinary steel bits: Φ75, Φ94, Φ113, Φ133, Φ153 Plug-in type of casted steel...
  • Roof Bolt Bits
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    Roof Bolt Bits

    Mainly used to drill bolting support boreholes in coal mines, ensuring fast and highly efficient roadway excavations. Roof bolt bits featuring high quality PDC as cutter, have high wear and impact resistance. The simultaneous erosion of the matrix and the PDC piece makes the...
  • PDC Bits
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    PDC Bits

    Suitable for drilling operation in soft to very hard formations (f=1~10). ● Selection (unit: mm) Coring: Φ60/41.5, Φ75/54.5, Φ94/68, Φ113/88, Φ133/108, Φ146/102, Φ146/102, Φ146/68, Φ153/128, Φ156/102 Non-coring: Φ56, Φ60, Φ65, Φ75, Φ94, Φ113, Φ133, Φ153,Φ171.4, Φ193 Reaming:...
  • Diamond Bits
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    Diamond Bits

    Suitable for drilling operations in medium to extremely hard formations (f = 7~18). Surface set series (f = 7~15); Impregnated series (f = 7~18). ● Selection (mm) Coring bits: Φ60/41.5, Φ75/54.5, Φ91/68, Φ94/74, Φ110/90, Φ113/93, Φ133/113, Φ153/133 Non-coring bits: Φ75, Φ94,...
Established in 1956, we're one of leading drill bits manufacturers and suppliers. Providing you with great wholesale service, we warmly welcome you to buy bulk drill bits for sale here. For price list, welcome to contact our factory.
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