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Drill Tools

  • Petroleum Rods
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    Petroleum Rods

    API and SY/T5561-2008 standards. 27/8''~5''. Non-standard drill rods may also be manufactured to customer requests.
  • Spiral Drill Rods
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    Spiral Drill Rods

    Plug-in& Thread spiral rods. Selection (mm):Φ73/63.5, Φ78/50, Φ88/50, Φ89/73, Φ90/63.5, Φ100/63.5, Φ110/73, Φ120/73, Φ200/89; Length 750, 1000, 1500.
  • Outer Planar Drill Rods
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    Outer Planar Drill Rods

    Can be used in mining, hydropower, geology drilling, gas drainage borehole drilling, etc. Selection (mm): Φ42, Φ50, Φ63.5, Φ73, Φ89; Length 750, 1000, 1500.
Established in 1956, we're one of leading drill tools manufacturers and suppliers. Providing you with great wholesale service, we warmly welcome you to buy bulk drill tools for sale here. For price list, welcome to contact our factory.
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