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  • Clinometers series
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    Clinometers series

    Clinometers can be used in all the 3D trajectory measurements of geological boreholes、 gas drainage boreholes、underground water detection and water release boreholes etc.
  • YHZ80/360 Intrinsically Safe Drilling Rig Attitude Indicator
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    YHZ80/360 Intrinsically Safe Drilling Rig Attitude Indicator

    This indicator is used to measure dip angle and azimuth angle of drilling dig before starting one borehole drilling.
  • CXK12 Borehole Boroscope
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    CXK12 Borehole Boroscope

    CXK12 Borehole boroscope is suited for all kinds of borehole tests under the harsh conditions in underground coal mines, and able to implement the hole wall imaging、video recording、image capture and zoom in on particular sections of image.
  • KJ117 Coal mine hydrologic monitoring system
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    KJ117 Coal mine hydrologic monitoring system

    This system is mainly applied to monitor the water pressure、 water level、temperature of observation borehole 、water level of mine goaf、 surface water channel、flow rate and remote control in real time in the underground coal mine and ground surface.
  • Wireless Remote Seismic Recorder
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    Wireless Remote Seismic Recorder

    This seismic recorder is used for continuous recording of man-made or excavation activity generated seismic signals from the surface or underground. The instrument uses up-to-date design of distributed data acquisition, centralized data collection and cableless...
  • Hydro-geophysical Instruments
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    Hydro-geophysical Instruments

    Hydro-geophysical Instruments are intrinsic safety designed for water-bearing/intruding structure detection in the gas or coal dust explosive dangerous environment of underground coal mine.
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