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1956.05, Beijing Coal Geology Institute founded in Beijing, and started China coal geology researching.

1957, Started in coal mine hydrogeological researching.

1958, Started in drilling technology and equipment researching.

1959, Started in mining electrical exploration technology researching.

1960, Started in focusing on Geology, Hydrogeology, Geophysics, Drilling technology in coal field.

1965.08, Moved to Xi’an, and changed name to Xi'an Coal Science Research Institute".

1966.07, Started in researching drill rigs and seismograph of underground coal mines.

1970, Started the research of technology and equipment in geophysics. 

1981.10, Changed name to "Geological Exploration Branch of China Coal Research Institute"; and the first hydraulic drill rig was successfully developed.

1982. Started the “Six Five” national technological projects: Coal-derived Gas Occurrence and Resource Assessment in the Main Coal field in China.

1983, Started to service on CBM resource evaluation/coal gas geological research.

1984, Successfully rescued super groundwater disasters in Fangezhuang coal mine.

1986, Started to serve on environmental protection.

1987, Started to serve on geotechnical engineering.

1988, Started to serve on hydrographic technology of open-pit mine.

1990-1995, Became the leader manufacturer of hydraulic tunnel rigs in China.

1992, Started the "China Coal Methane Resource Evaluation" and "Coal Mine Groundwater Hazard Prevention Research" projects with the funds of UNDP.

1994, Start providing technical consultancy and service on mine hydrogeology and water hazard prevention in BARAPUKURIA coal mine in Bangladesh.

1996, Exported Osmometer, In-seam Seismograph to North Korea, India.

2001, Exported Full hydraulic drilling rig to Bangladesh.

2002, Successfully developed the first kilometer directional drilling rig for underground coal mine in China.

2004, Successfully developed the first crawler full hydraulic rig for underground coal mine in China.

2006, Exported full hydraulic drilling rig to Russia.

2008, Successfully developed the first kilometer crawler directional drilling rig for underground coal mine in China. And made the new borehole record of 1046m.

2009, Obtained CBM production record of 1000m3/d in the low permeability coal seam in Jiaoping coal field.

2010.11, Made the new borehole record of 1059m in Shanxi

2011, Successfully developed the first truck mounted drilling rig in China. And made the new borehole record of 1212m in Shaanxi.

2012, Kilometer directional drilling rig win National Science and Technology Progress Award. And Successfully developed PROTEM(YCS2000).

2013, Successfully developed the YTZ3 in-seam seismograph. Serviced to Canadian Dehua International Mines with geological exploration.

2014, conducted the 12th IMWA Congress 2014; And made the new borehole record of 1881m in Shanxi.

2015, Won the National Science and Technology Progress Award in the key probe and rescue technology and devices of coal mine groundwater disaster.

2016, 60th anniversary.

2017, provided technical advice and services for mine hydrogeology and water pollution prevention

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