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Explosion-proof Drill Rig ZDY6000S

Explosion-proof Drill Rig ZDY6000S

Suitable to drill large diameter gas drainage boreholes, geological exploration boreholes in underground coal mines, and nearly horizontal large diameter boreholes in surface engineering.

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Application scope

Suitable to drill large diameter gas drainage boreholes, geological exploration boreholes in underground coal mines, and nearly horizontal large diameter boreholes in surface engineering.

Structural characteristics 

There are three components of a drill rig: drill unit, pump station and control panel. The drills use an electric motor to power the hydraulics on the machine. The drill unit can realize short distance self-moving and 360-degree horizontal rotation. The easy disassembly, lightweight and compact design make it convenient to transport and set up in tight spaces and locations where mobility and quick set up time are important. The rig provides hands-free unloading of drill tools, linkage operation between the clipper, holder and the oil cylinder, as well as the rotator and the holder.

Double pump system is adopted in the rigs. Rotary parameters and feeding parameters are controlled independently. Drilling dips can be adjusted by the oil cylinder. The rotator is hole-through structure. The length of rod is not restricted by the structural dimension of the rig. The centralized operation on the control panel can keep the operator far away from the drilling orifice, providing a safe working environment, reducing operator fatigue and improving efficiency.

Technical Specification 

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