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China To Promulgate GB Sealed Coring Method For Determination Of Coalbed Methane Content

According to the notice issued by State Administration for Market Regulation and Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China, the GB “Sealed Coring Method for Determination of Coalbed Methane Content” (GB/T 35053-2018), which is drafted and set by Xi’an Research Institute, will be promulgated officially on September 1, 2018.

Coalbed Methane (gas) content is a key parameter of reservoir characterization, and an important basis to predict production, optimize well pattern layout in CBM well, evaluate and manage risk level of mine gas hazard. Coal core samples collected by sealed pressure coring method can prevent gas effusion during coring and canning, avoid CBM loss estimation, improve test accuracy of CBM content, and provide more accurate basis for enterprise decision.

Promulgating the GB “Sealed Coring Method for Determination of Coalbed Methane Content” will promote greatly accurate CBM content test level. Furthermore, it is significant for Xi’an Research Institute to lead advances of CBM industry, ensure safe coal mining, and expand CBM management market.

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Tel: 0086-029-88767167,0086-029-81778105
Fax: 0086-029-81778222
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