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High-power Directional Drill Rig Sets A New World Record In Drilling Depth


ZDY12000LD in-seam directional drilling system, one of the world’s most powerful underground directional drilling system, designed by Xi’an Research Institute Ltd. of CCTEG, has set a new world record in directional borehole depth of 2 311 m in the national science and technology major project “High-power Directional Drilling Technology and Equipment” undertaken by the Institute in Shendong Baode coalmine from November 16 to December 12, 2017. It has broken the record of 1 881 m in Sihe coalmine by the Institute in 2014, refreshed the current record of 2 151 m in Metropolitan coalmine by an Australia company. This marks a major breakthrough in directional drilling technology and equipment of coalmines in China.

By using “active roof-detection + sidetracking laterals” and combined directional drilling technology, our ZDY12000LD high-power directional drill rig has accomplished ultra-long directional borehole in coal seams, and has overcome technical difficulties that pressure parameters increased rapidly with drilling depth in slide drilling system to limit drilling at previous time.

The trial successfully shows once again our constructability of ultra-long directional borehole, provides reliable technical and equipment support for highly efficient control of the gas area of an ultra-long workface. This achievement can be applied in directional borehole drilling of gas extraction, such as in-seam boreholes in medium-hard coal seams, large diameter roof with high position boreholes, as well as engineering such as boreholes for water hazard prevention & control, roof and floor grouting, hidden hazard factors detection and mine accident rescue.

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