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New Record Of Directional Drilling Is Achieved

The directional drilling project in floor of Longwanggou Coal Mine of Guo Yuan Mining Development Co., Ltd., undertaken and constructed by Xi'an Research Institute of China Coal Technology and Engineering Group Corp, has achieved breakthrough results. Directional drilling borehole in 61605 working face reached 1227m, breaking borehole drilling depth record in rock (1118m deep directional borehole in rock formation in Ba Yan Gao Le Coal Mine, achieved by Xi’an Research Institute of CCTEG in 2017). The new record was highly praised by the leaders of Guoyuan Mining Company and Longwanggou Coal Mine.

ZDY12000LD directional drilling system, including ZDY12000LD drilling rig, BLY460 pump crawler, and YHD3-1500 measurement while drilling system have greatly improved drilling efficiency. The machine drilled through multiple layers before extending in target layer. Maximum borehole depth reached 1227 meters and the maximum vertical shift of the borehole trajectory reached 37m.

The creation of the new record strongly proves that the long directional drilling technology and equipment of Xi'an Research Institute has theoretical innovation and technological advancement when drilling in rock formation in underground coal mine.


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Tel: 0086-029-88767167,0086-029-81778105
Fax: 0086-029-81778222
Add: 82.Jinye 1st Road Xi'an Shaanxi,