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Nine Competitive Industries | CBM (Gas) Extraction Engineering

Relying on the collaborative advantages of the multi-specialty such as geology, drilling and geophysics, Xi’an Research Institute provides one-stop service on the design, construction and EPC of ground and underground CBM (gas) extraction in coal mining areas. Xi’an Research Institute has accomplished CBM extraction trials in more than 50 wells in Shaanxi, Anhui, Henan, Sichuan, Heilongjiang and Guizhou Provinces since 2008, created a new record of daily production of single well of more than 1 000 m3 for 3 years in the Jurassic low-rank coal CBM wells in China, and a new production record of 10 000 m3per day of ground CBM wells in the soft and low permeability coal seams. Since 2010, the underground gas prevention and control service has expanded to gas prevention and control projects, and has accomplished over 10 comprehensive gas detection and gas extraction projects.

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Contact Us
Tel: 0086-029-88767167,0086-029-81778105
Fax: 0086-029-81778222
Add: 82.Jinye 1st Road Xi'an Shaanxi,