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Success In ZDY2800LG High-speed Spiral Drilling Technical Equipment Test

In July, ZDY2800LG high-speed spiral drilling rig designed by CCTEG Xi’an Research Institute Ltd. accomplished industrial test on site of Tiandi Wangpo coal mine in Jincheng, where fully affirmed higher drilling efficiency and pore-forming effect, as well as reliability and handling performance of the rig.

Based on rapid drilling and effective deslagging problems in soft seams, with highest speed upto 800 r/min,ZDY2800LG was applied to develop for underground mines drilling project. It’s integrated with host, pumping station, operation desk, caterpillar chassis, hoisting device, emergency switch etc.. According to limited space of belt conveying tunnel, work in tunnel with complex drill site condition for gas drainage hole of the seam, supported plug-in type of full spiral drilling tool, with high-speed spiral drilling technology, could achieve both effective deslagging and rapid drilling in soft seams with solid coefficient over 0.3(f>3).

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