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The 11th International Mine Ventilation Congress Held In Xi’an


The 11th International Mine Ventilation Congress (11th IMVC), jointly hosted by Xi'an University of Science and Technology (XUST) and China University of Mining Technology (CUMT), was held in Xi'an, China on Sep 16th. Representatives of Xi’an Research Institute of CCTEG attended the congress.


Xi’an Research Institute demonstrated mining equipment and advanced drilling technology to ensure safety production. ZDY12000LD and ZDY15000LD drill rigs, developed by Xi’an Research Institute, drew attention during the congress.

ZDY12000LD drill rig has a compact footprint mounted on tracks. Integrated drill unit combined with a feed frame that tilt can be adjusted from -10 degree to +20 degree. With features of high rotary torque (the rated torque is 12000N.m) and powerful push/pull force (max push/pull force is 250kN), the drill rig is capable of precise directional drilling operations in excess of 2000 meters. In Nov, 2017, a maximum depth of 2311 meters borehole with 15 sidetracks was accomplished  in Baode Coal Mine, Shenhua Group, one of the largest underground coal mines in the world. We believe this is the new depth record of underground sub-horizontal in-seam directional drilling.


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