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The Project Of “Design Of Hydrogeological Supplementary Exploration And Technology Of Water Inrush Prevention And Control Of Polyak Eyez Coal Deposit In Turkey”



The Polyak Eynez coal mine is located in the Soma coalfield in the Egean region in western Turkey. The coal mine operator misunderstood the hydrogeological conditions resulting from previous lower degree of hydrogeological exploration and lack of research on the main aquifers, which revealed that it’s more complex than expected during well construction. The maximum amount of shaft water inflow was 250 m3/h, while the original predicted water inflow of the whole mine was only 150 m3/h. International experts from Australia and Canada were invited to analyze the reasons of the large amount of water in the shaft and the technologies of water inrush prevention and control in May 2017, But no effective water control plan was given.

In July 2017, with the invitation of Polyak Eynez coal mine, the hydrogeological experts from Xi’an Research Institute of China Coal Technology and Engineering Group arrived the mine, which provided the technical advice on the technical problems such as reasons of hydrogeological conditions changes and short diffusion radius of grouting in mudstone in the shaft. Entrusted by the Polyak Eynez coal mine and the International Engineering Company of China Coal Technology and Engineering Group, Xi’an Research Institute of China Coal Technology and Engineering Group undertook the technical consultation and service of water prevention and control, including the design of hydrogeological supplementary exploration and technology of water inrush prevention and control of Polyak Eyez Coal, drainage test and the hydrogeological condition evaluation, which could provide technical support for successful well construction currently and safety production of the mine in the future. The experts have performed the hydrogeological investigation, technical services for the hydrogeological drilling, and pumping tests during four times inspection. Their work has been fully supported and highly praised by the mine operator.

It is the first project for our institute to enter the coal market in the Republic of Turkey. It is of great significance for our institute to widen the international cooperation and strive to build a well-known international institute on coal mine safety and geological exploration.

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