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Xie Aijuan Inspects Coal Mine Goaf Filling Worksite Of Xi’an Research Institute

Accompanied by He Limin, Deputy Manager of Department of Technology & Engineering Management, and Wangcheng, Deputy Manager of Engineering Geology Institute of Xi’an Research Institute, Xie Aijuan, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department of CCTEG, inspected the worksite of “Coal Mine Goaf Filling under the Hongyan River Reservoir in Binzhou” on August 30. This is the first project to fill coal mine goaf underlies a reservoir in China, which is an innovative and demonstrative application of coal mine goaf filling technology in hydraulic engineering. 

After listening to the brief report by the project manager, Xie Aijuan and her delegation carefully examined the construction site. During the following discussion meeting, Mrs. Xie complicatedly asked for the technical difficulties and its countermeasures, quality & safety management, schedule & cost control and management system construction, etc. He Limin made a detailed report about the concerned questions. Mrs. Xie highly praised the project team work especially the safety and civilized construction management. According to the project characteristics, Mrs. Xie emphasized the importance and common problems of safety & quality management and provided good suggestions to improve the project management standard. 


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Tel: 0086-029-88767167,0086-029-81778105
Fax: 0086-029-81778222
Add: 82.Jinye 1st Road Xi'an Shaanxi,