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ZDY3500JD Rubber Wheel Directional Drilling Machine Successfully Accomplishes Industrial Trials


        In July 2018, industrial test of ZDY3500JD Rubber Wheel Directional Drilling Rig has been accomplished by Xi'an Research Institute of China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corp. and Buertai Coal Mine of Shenhua Group.

         ZDY3500JD Rubber Wheel Directional Drilling Rig is a new underground directional drilling equipment especially designed for coal mines with trackless rubberized transportation condition. The rig integrates layout and dual power system configuration. The driving system is powered by explosion-proof diesel engine, can run in a relative high speed in underground coal mines. The rubber wheel chassis realizes quick relocation, and the power system uses an explosion-proof motor to drive the hydraulic pump to provide power output for the drilling rig and themud pump. This drill machine can be used to conduct directional drilling and conventional rotary drilling to carry out various types of drilling construction in underground coal mines.


        In order to test the roadway condition adaptability of the drilling rig and maneuverability of the rubber wheel system, the rig has been relocated in several long and short distances in the mine, focusing on the turning, braking and climbing of the rubber wheel chassis. When driving, the cumulative driving distance is more than 80 kilometers. During the transition, the drilling rig travels safely and smoothly, and the braking is reliable. Average driving speed reaches 15 km/h. During driving process, one operator can complete the relocation and transition task on the spot. During the borehole drilling process, the drilling machine is mainly used for underground water detection and discharge construction. Equipped with φ73mm drilling rod,wireless mud pulse MWD system and PDC drill bits, totally 13 holes were drilled. Boreholes penetrated successfully through coal seams and extended into the goaf and hit the target area. The initial water inflow of the boreholes totally reached 93m3/h. The operation effectively solved the potential water -induced disaster and maintained mining safety.

         Through the on-site industrial test, the rig's rubber wheel chassis, mainframe structure and its supporting technology have been effectively verified. At present, our team has carried out a detailed analysis of the overall performance of the drilling rig, summed up its problems and deficiencies, and are actively improving the stereotypes according to the test situation. We believe a mature rubber wheel directional drilling system and market-competitive products will be introduced to customer in a short period of time.

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