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  • Truck-Mounted Drill Rig

    Truck-Mounted Drill Rig

    The truck mounted series drill rigs are all hydraulic truck mounted drill rig designed to drill surface emergency rescue holes of mines and surface coal bed methane (CBM) drainage holes.
  • Directional Drilling System

    Directional Drilling System

    It offers cost saving benefits that will give driller exact trajectory control and additional cost saving over the success of the drilling project.
  • Track Mounted Drilling Rig
  • Splitting Underground Drilling Rig

    Splitting Underground Drilling Rig

    Xi’an Research Institute is a strongest professional research institution integrating R&D of technique and equipment for water hazard control, technical consultation, hydrogeological exploration, design and construction of water control engineering in China.
  • Core Drilling Rig

    Core Drilling Rig

    Suitable for PDC drilling, diamond drilling and wireline coring drilling. The rigs can drill holes for different engineering purposes, such as geological exploration boreholes, water-injecting boreholes and water drainage boreholes.
  • Road Repair Equipment

    Road Repair Equipment

    WPZ-55/50L Roadway Repair Machine is a repair equipment for underground mines
  • Drill Tools
  • Drill Bits
  • Geophysical Instruments
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