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As the earliest company engaged in coal and CBM resources investigation, researches and development of CBM(gas) extraction technology in China, Xi’an research Institute has conducted a lot of scientific researches in the field of coal geology, CBM and comprehensive utilization of coal. Since its foundation of 60 years, the Institute has presided over and completed the first and the second national coalfield prediction, got hold of the geological background, occurrence characteristics and distribution law of coal and CBM in China’s major coal accumulating basins, providing China with important basic data of coal resources.

Based on the researches on coal geology, in 80s of 20th century the Institute started researches on occurrence, development and utilization of shale gas resources, has provided many enterprises with technical consultation and service about shale gas development in respect of the key techniques such as shale gas resources assessment, parameters testing of shale gas reservoirs and experiment in China.

Aiming at the development and utilization of water resources in mining areas, Xi’an Research Institute provides all-around technical service and engineering construction in exploration, assessment, utilization and management.


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Tel: 0086-029-88767167,0086-029-81778105
Fax: 0086-029-81778222
Add: 82.Jinye 1st Road Xi'an Shaanxi,